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At a previous company, I used the word "dogfooding" talking to an executive about utilizing the bleeding edge of our product in our own facilities.

"We don't say dogfooding, we say drinking our own champagne" he condescended, weeks before slashing our "champagne" budget and laying off 80% of the office

I guess I have changed since last time I was here. I haven't made music in years. I got out of writing code for a living. I don't play video games as much. I've been monogamous for a while, too. I spend more time alone. I got back into marksmanship sports, but for some reason I doubt Fediverse people are into that. So I'm not really sure how to make friends in this part of the Internet to match my current interests.

I run a few tabletop games, which might be a good lead. I also do more cooking?

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the other day I went on a date with a woman from China who hasn’t been in the UK long and I asked where in China she’s from and she said it’s an area called Szechuan you probably don’t know it and I said oh like the sauce and she said yes how do you know about Szechuan sauce though and then I had to explain the fucking rick and morty thing and now I think she thinks coming to the West was a mistake

So uh, I've been in limbo about that position I interviewed for, for I don't know how long at this point, a month? I've been getting all my news informally and my sources assure me it's still in the pipe, in there, somewhere, and all my potential-futute coworkers vouch for me, but the organizational red tape seems endless and the silence is deafening. Please just get me an offer letter soon or tell me to stay put.

Spent a good portion of today listening to selections from Pink Floyd's early stuff and learning about the band's history (and Syd's departure) from a perspective I hadn't considered before.

On the trial verdict today 

This is accountability but don't mistake it for justice - we're a long way off from that yet

* toot renamed to post
* timeline goes vertical

If I just cut off the "release" part of my new title younger me would be very proud of my promotion, since he always wanted to be a train engineer

I used to give to gofundmes and ko-fis on the fediverse pretty regularly, not the least because trans healthcare in the US is awful and somehow going backwards

I haven't been able to in a while since the divorce but if you spot somewhere I can help, do let me know

hey, it's me again. I'm a bisexual syncretic leftist in a bald middle-aged tech bro's body. I like transgressive art, music, and people to talk leftpol with. recommend me some people to follow.

Telling people why We Do Thing is easy. Getting people to agree on a "Why We Do Thing" is Sisyphean.

Bonging Monster Loca Moca to stay awake while I sweat into my polo shirt and toggle my mute button between slurps for the sixth straight hour

I've been on Ireland time to get work done with the Dublin office for the past few weeks and my brain is just mush already

It's 1:20pm here and I'm fuckin winded

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It's nice to know that today, Larry Ellison is really, really unhappy, and he's not going to stop being really, really unhappy for probably a while. ✨

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Does teenage cynicism result in part from caring about life and being powerless to affect it yet? Were teenagers that way forever, or did technological interconnectedness enhance that?

I feel like even though Chris Onstad stopped writing Achewood in 2016 I've mantled its spirit and have been living out its absurdity ever since

Here comes a special boy

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