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Hey, it's been a while since I was on the Fediverse. Recommend me some folks to follow -- or, if you recognize me, some folks who might like to talk to me again

If I just cut off the "release" part of my new title younger me would be very proud of my promotion, since he always wanted to be a train engineer

Why did I come back here? To see if it was any different? To hear what rumors about me spread? I really don't know. I think the pH of where I planted myself in the Fediverse is still too low for me

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Ehhh yeah. It just feels profoundly lonely out here. I could go mine for more parasocial relationships of questionable worth but that seems like a bad use of my time with so much else to do.

Why do I still feel guilt and shame when strangers tell me I'm not doing enough?

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I help people out when my cash would mean more to them than it would to me. I teach disadvantaged people how to defend themselves for free. I'm always here to give advice on how to make your organization more fair and equitable.

I really do get a lot of my time eaten up by just trying to survive and pay my bills. I got a house, a car, a bunch of loans, and I'm still not done with my dental restoration work. I have one major relationship that suffers from how absent I am.

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It's just all so far removed from my day-to-day life, you know? I stay reasonably well connected on politics and social issues. I continue calibrating my actual beliefs and stances based on evidence and ideas. I want the world to be a better place. I pitch in where I can. But I make about the same amount of difference whether or not I expose myself to this tiny collection of people who will violently and vindictive disagree with me. They mean dick to me. So why do I do it?

I used to give to gofundmes and ko-fis on the fediverse pretty regularly, not the least because trans healthcare in the US is awful and somehow going backwards

I haven't been able to in a while since the divorce but if you spot somewhere I can help, do let me know

Back to soaking in all the anger and hurt that is so ever-present on the Fediverse. Not sure it does any good for me, or I for those people, but at least it reminds me not everyone is spending Saturday dozing on the couch

hey, it's me again. I'm a bisexual syncretic leftist in a bald middle-aged tech bro's body. I like transgressive art, music, and people to talk leftpol with. recommend me some people to follow.

Xinjiang & Uyghur people, solicitation for comment 

hey people who care about geopolitics

tell me about the Xinjiang situation

minority viewpoints welcome

Telling people why We Do Thing is easy. Getting people to agree on a "Why We Do Thing" is Sisyphean.

Bonging Monster Loca Moca to stay awake while I sweat into my polo shirt and toggle my mute button between slurps for the sixth straight hour

I've been on Ireland time to get work done with the Dublin office for the past few weeks and my brain is just mush already

It's 1:20pm here and I'm fuckin winded

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It's nice to know that today, Larry Ellison is really, really unhappy, and he's not going to stop being really, really unhappy for probably a while. ✨

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Does teenage cynicism result in part from caring about life and being powerless to affect it yet? Were teenagers that way forever, or did technological interconnectedness enhance that?

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